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Mobile App.

Still stuck with chatting? Try the new WhereApp and change the way you socialise.

real time location app

Real Time Location

Get truly connected with real-time GPS-based updates and follow your loved ones wherever they go.

Intelligently Responsive

Adapts intelligently to any screen size or device to deliver the ultimate user-experience.

Google Maps

Synchronised with the meticulous google maps, WhereApp ensure accurate tracking details.


Artistically crafted interface to deliver a perfect blend of impressive design and impeccable performance.

Simplistically Robust

Redefine socialising with an elegant yet robust social app.

Simple chat and sharing media are now passé. Tune-in to the next-gen app and experience the true socialising.
Cross-platform app, "WhereApp", works seamlessly across iOS, Android and practically all other mobile devices. Send messages, share your location, track your contacts or know what they really have been upto, totally free, using your mobile data plan.

Watching Live Location Apps

Awesome features

Changing the way to socialise.
Check out the cool features of WhereApp.

WhereApp Feature

Register Using Mobile Number

No need for email id, no irritating sign-up procedure. Enter your mobile number and you're good to go.

Easy Verification

Simple verification procedure. Enter mobile number, receive a verification code via a SMS and that's it.

Buddy Circle

All your Whereapp contacts in one place. View their status, profile info and keep yourself posted.

Privacy at its Best

Complete control over your privacy. Manage your tracking and accuracy level or share your location with someone special.

Previous location

Get the details of where your loved ones have been. Know what they have been upto with this paid feature.


Invite your buddies to join you and get your gang together. Invite them via email, SMS or call.

Google Map

Track your friends and get to know about their location on meticulous Google maps.

Simply fantastic! I love going out with my friends and WhereApp really is meant for people like me. Now I don’t text my gang about the location. I simple send them the location on google maps with the details and voila it's done.

Really nice idea. Integrating tracking and maps location along with tracking is really creative. Have been using this app for some time now and m really loving it. Great app to have on your mobile.

I don’t use social apps much, but after installing WhereApp, I have fell in love with it. It's simple to use and very addictive. So guys go ahead and give it a try, I am sure you'll love it too.

Great app, One of my friends asked me to try Whereapp and boy I am really impressed. Awesome features, quick and doesn't eat too much of memory. A must have app.

Robin Bansal

Robin Bansal - Founder

Ruchi Bansal

Ruchi Bansal





WhereApp- A Glimpse

This is what your WhereApp buddy have got in store for you.

WhereApp- Your Social Buddy

Get to know your WhereApp better with this preview video

In this world of social apps there are hundreds of apps but are they really worth a shot? Well, WhereApp is.
Take your online social skills to the next level with this next gen social app. Invite your friends, track their position, plan your outings using Google maps and much more. Watch this video and know more.

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